Why am I doing this?

We know from experience that sooner or later you will reach a point where you are about to give up. Your horse is cross, you can’t ride him forward during exercise or you are totally fed up with having to weigh everything and tell everybody to stop giving your horse extra treats. This is why it is good to stop and think why you actually started the weight loss program.

Know that you are not alone. Many horse owners are having a tough time at getting their horses skinnier.

Share your experience

Sometimes, sharing experiences or exchanging tips can help. For that reason, we set up a special Pavo InShape Program Facebook Group. You can join the group (free of charge) and share your pitfalls and tips and benefit from the experiences of others!


What are the benefits of your horse being in the right condition?

  • Your horse will have more energy and be full of high spirits.
  • Healthier blood values
  • You will be able to enjoy a longer and happier life with your horse.