Feed supplements

Low protein roughage: supplement

There is another reason why it is vital that you know the nutritional value of your roughage. A horse that is on a weight loss program needs sufficient proteins. Should a roughage scan show that your roughage has a low protein content, it is important to supplement proteins. The result of the roughage analysis clearly indicates whether the protein content is insufficient for a horse that needs to lose weight.

Pavo InShape

Pavo InShape has especially been developed for horses that need to lose weight. It is rich in proteins and contains all required vitamins and minerals. Due to this, you can be sure that your horse gets everything he needs.

Pavo Vital

If the roughage scan shows that your roughage contains sufficient protein for your weight losing horse, it is still necessary to provide your horse with extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In that case, consider the vitamin and mineral balancer Pavo Vital.

“The feed or rather the roughage supplement has to be carefully weighed. For that matter, a feed scoop does not always equal a kilo. To know exactly how much you give, you need to weigh. Divide Pavo InShape or Pavo Vital into 2 to 4 portions a day."

Nutritionist and Veterinarian Veerle Vandendriessche


The small treats in between are the things you really have to be careful about. Perhaps you are used to giving them. However, these all contain calories which you can better give to your horse in form of roughage as this will keep your horse busy for a longer period of time.

Do you really want to treat your horse? Then, consider Pavo Healthy Treats.


If you want to offer your horse some variety in his ration, Pavo SpeediBeet is a good alternative. It contains few calories but really fills the stomach. After a meal of Pavo SpeediBeet, your horse will be satisfied for a long period of time and will not be looking for feed immediately.


Instead of hay, you can put some Pavo HayChunks in a hay net for your horse. HayChunks are healthy horse treats on a basis of grass and other botanical fibres. Horses spend more time when eating the HayChunks compared to eating normal hay. A Pavo HayChunk can also be used as a treat.