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1,30m show-jumping

Nutritionist and veterinary surgeon Veerle Vandendriessche imparts some advice


Name: Joli Age: 8 Discipline: Show-jumping Level: 1,30 m Weight: Normal Training: 4 to 5 times a week intensive, of which 1 or 2 is jumping and 1 time a week lunging

Character: “Joli is a horse that likes to work. He is easy to ride and pulls nicely at the fences. He also does well in dressage and his body is nice and loose. He deals well with competitions.”

Feed advice from Pavo

This frequency and intensity of training with your horse requires a medium level concentrate feed as a basis (Pavo AllSports or SportsFit). With this, extra attention has been paid to a balanced ratio of energy from faster available sources and slower releasing sources. You can also feed some Pavo Triple P, for more explosive energy when jumping.

Adapt the amounts to his body weight. You say that he's currently really nice to ride. You should try to keep it that way. You can use our guidelines as a starting point, but fine-tuning for your particular horse is always necessary. If you choose to combine two concentrate feeds (e.g. Allsports and Triple P), make sure that each meal is identical (i.e. a combination of the two). This will keep your horse's intestines calm.

Calculate the energy level of your horse

The intensity of your horse’s training determines the amount of energy your horse needs and therefore the energy level of your feed.

Energy level medium: At least three days a week, about 30-60 minutes of training at a medium to heavy level (M-ZZ). The majority of the training consists of trotting with about the same amount of walking and cantering.

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