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Small tour dressage

Nutritionist and veterinary surgeon Veerle Vandendriessche imparts some advice


Name: Dancer Age: 10 Rider: Julia Bouthoorn Discipline: Dressage Level: Small tour Weight: A little on the skinny side Training: At least 5 times a week intensive, 1 time lunging and every day in the horse walker

Character: "Dancer is a spirited mare. She wants to work for you and learns fast, but she is a bit nervous. If something is different, she tends to builds up a lot of tension in her body. We also have problems with that at the competitions. Our results vary because of this. Once she relaxes, she performs like a dream, but once she builds up any tension, it's difficult to let go of it again

Feed advice from Pavo

In order to support Dancer, it's best to use a concentrate feed where a large part of the energy comes from slow-release energy (i.e. fats and fibres), this is due to the sporting discipline, the workload and her personal character. A high-fat diet will have a calming effect. In our range you then have the choice between Pavo Performance or Ease&Excel.

You also mention that she is a bit on the skinny side. This combined with the fact that stress can often lead to stomach ulcers, makes me also recommend Pavo FibreBeet. The very fine alfalfa and higher calcium content will positively support her stomach, plus it is a very tasty and healthy fattener. An additional advantage is that FibreBeet also provides your horse with very good energy, so you can reduce the amount of concentrated feed somewhat, which is also positive for the gastrointestinal system. If the high-fat diet alone is still not enough to calm your horse down, you can always start using NervControl as well.

Calculate the energy level of your horse

The intensity of your horse’s training determines the amount of energy your horse needs and therefore the energy level of your feed.

Energy level high: At least three days a week, about 30-60 minutes of training at heavy to very heavy level (national, international, Light Tour, Grand Prix). Training consists mainly of trotting and cantering in addition to warming up and cooling down.

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Recommended products

Pavo Performance

- Sports pellet for all disciplines - For the highest level

Pavo Ease&Excel

- Sport muesli for horses with a sensitive stomach - For the highest level

Pavo FibreBeet

- Protein-rich roughage mix of beet pulp and alfalfa - For lean horses/ poor muscle development

Pavo NervControl

- Supplement - For more calmness in nervous horses

“Pavo Ease&Excel is absolutely perfect for my nervous dressage horses with a sensitive stomach!”

International dressage rider Helen Langehanenberg