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Dressage basic level

Nutritionist and veterinary surgeon Veerle Vandendriessche imparts some advice


Name: Wally Age: 11 Rider: Mellanie Robben Discipline: Dressage Level: Basic (exercises such as: transitions, large circles and leg yields) Weight: Normal Training: 3 times a week intensive, 1 time a week lunging

Character: "Wally enjoys his work and is eager to learn. He picks up everything quickly and has enough energy, just right actually. He also behaves well at competitions. We quickly passed the B level and are now riding L1 dressage. That's going really well, we already have a few winning points. I do notice though that after intensive training he has some muscle pain the next day.”

Feed advice from Pavo

Great to hear that your horse is at a good weight and feels good. As a concentrate feed, we advise Pavo Nature's Best or Pavo Condition.

You state that he suffers from acidification. Pay a little more attention to a suitably long cooling down period after working. In addition, Pavo MuscleCare can help to remove waste substances from the muscle after work.

Does your horse get fat on pellets or muesli? Then he is taking in too much energy. In that case you can best switch to a balancer, such as Pavo Vital or DailyFit, instead of normal concentrates.

Calculate the energy level of your horse

The intensity of your horse’s training determines the amount of energy your horse needs and therefore the energy level of your feed.

Energy level low: at least three days a week about 30-60 minutes training at a light level (B/L). The training consists mainly of walking and trotting with a little cantering.

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