Optimal performance

Nutrition won't be the problem

You train hard to get your horse into the best possible shape. If you are riding in competitions, you want to perform as well as possible. During training, you’re always working towards something. You hope to make progress at every stage.

You're always looking for something better. Sometimes you feel you can do better, but how? The basis of good performance is appropriate nutrition. That’s exactly what this special from Pavo is all about, completely focused on feed for sport horses.

In this special, we'll guide you through the following:

  • How to put together a good ration in two easy steps.
  • Do's and don'ts regarding sports feed for your horse.
  • How to deal with competition stress.
  • How to calculate the energy level of your own horse, including a number of example rations.
  • How to deal with their nutrition in a rest period after a period of intensive training.

If you apply all the tips in this special issue, one thing is certain: nutrition won't be the problem!

Enjoy, The Pavo Team