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We hope that reading this special has helped you on your way to creating a good feed ration for your sport horse. We have taught you the following things:

  • How to put together a good ration in two steps
  • The do's and don'ts of sports nutrition for your horse
  • How to deal with competition stress
  • You looked at some example rations and were able to calculate the energy level of your own horse
  • We told you how to deal with nutrition in a rest period after a period of intensive training.

If you make adjustments to your ration, don't expect immediate results overnight. It will take some time. If you are still having problems, or if you notice no improvement after a month, we are here to help you with personalised feed advice. Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

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Are you hesitant about asking for advice? Just do it! Read the experience of eventing rider Merel Blom

The first step was a roughage analysis. "It turned out that the roughage was not suitable for my goal, which is top-class sport," says Merel. She considers the help of experts essential. "An analysis like that is a mass of numbers that I couldn't make sense of. It was only after an explanation that I saw what I had to pay attention to.”

A ration was put together with roughage as the main ingredient and a supplement of a specially manufactured muesli, which contained extra protein. Only a little of that had to be given because it was so rich. In addition to the three kilos of sport feed, her competition horses were given one kilo of Pavo TopSport per day.

After only a few weeks Merel already noticed a difference. "The horses were more concentrated and more stable. I felt less fluctuation in their energy levels. The result was that they could cope better with the training. And if horses can concentrate on you better, you can train better. Their muscle mass increased. They grew quickly, but in just the right places. They were making progress on several fronts. The fact that they got a little heavier didn't worry me. They had much more power, more than enough to carry those extra kilos.”

Personal advice?

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Mail us: or call: +31 880 248 570 (Belgium : +32 513 376 70).

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